Brushed Aluminum C3p0 Mario Mashup Now Available

Aluminum C3p0 Mario Sticker Slaps

In celebration of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII — The Force Awakens, there are only a few of these very special slaps available. So act fast!


Stoned Ayeconic Mario 8×10 Print

Stoned Ayeconic Mario Print

Behold, the newest limited edition 8×10 print from the Ayecon: Stoned Mario.

Mario woke up in the morning and decided today was the day. The day to party. The day to agree that mustaches aren’t just for perverts anymore. The day to throw caution to the wind along with an epic toke. After producing so many street slap stickers, capturing Mario’s descent into the abyss on a 8×10 giclée-quality print seemed to be the best way to tell this Ayeconic story.


Voltron Street Sticker Pack

Ayeconic Voltron sticker pack

Voltron, the defender of the universe… And the next mashup in the Ayeconic series of street art sticker packs. Want a pack? Shop my store now.


Invader Zimpson gets Ayeconic

Bart Simpson meets Invader Zim, Milhouse as Gir, and Mr. Burns as Ms. Bitters

After the hundredth request to do an Invader Zim sticker set, well… Maybe not a hundred, but let’s just say a shit-ton. It was past due to add Zim to the Ayeconic list of subverted characters. Considering Bart Simpson has been slow to meet the Ayecon roster, too, this mashup seemed to work itself out. I  love love LOVE how well Bart became Zim.

Then an Instagram friend suggested Gir for Milhouse and that one blew my mind. Round it out with a Mr. Burns as Ms. Bitters and you have one hell of a street slap sticker pack. I might even consider rolling out an expansion pack for this set, we’ll see. In the meantime, you can preorder this pack in my store for shipment by June 6th. Get ready for WORLD DOMINATION!!


Subverted Ayeconic Hello Kitty Sticker Packs

Ayecon Hello Kitty Sticker Pack

The Ayecon’s newest street slap sticker collection is now available in his online store. This parody mashup begins with the ever-popular Hello Kitty. Add a dash of Yoshi from Super Mario Bros and Pokeman’s Pikachu, and you have a recipe for awesome sauce. These stickers are digitally printed on durable vinyl in UV ink, and then laminated to prepare them for the elements. That means these bad-dawgs are ready to be slapped anywhere: your laptop, car, window, on your books… Pretty much anywhere you’d wanna slap a sticker.

Soon, there will be prints and apparel sporting the same artwork, stay tuned fam!